About Alpha Gurl

Veronica, here! Owner of Alpha Gurl Attire.
My mission with Alpha Gurl is to create a community of STRONG women through fashion.  My brand represents empowered gurls who have overcame obstacles, fears & has a burning desire to grow in every aspect of their lives. Gurl who are NOT afraid to DRESS HOWEVER THEY WANT. I want YOU to be the OWNER OF YOUR LIFE, BODY & THE WAY YOU DRESS. I want YOU to feel BEAUTIFUL inside & out.
I believe that when you LOOK GOOD, you FEEL GOOD. I don't sell just to sell. I want YOU to have an experience day to day through every step of the way. Since the first day you gain knowledge about Alpha Gurl, through your purchases with me, & even after the purchase. I will ALWAYS be here to make you feel BEAUTIFUL with my advice, motivational phrases or clothing that lift up your spirit & make you feel CONFIDENT WITH YOURSELF.
Never be afraid of reaching out to me, I'm not just an online store. I'm a human. I want YOU to feel like you're reaching out to one of your girlfriends you know for years! For me it's SUPER IMPORTANT to remind YOU that even if you're a women, you can be an ALPHA. A LEADER. Take the lead of YOUR life, your decisions & DRESS HOWEVER THE F*CK YOU WANT.
Small biz love

Each order means the world to me. It's hope, it's love.

dreams do come true

Even the smallest order gets me one step closer to my dream.