About Me & My Purpose with Alpha Gurl Attire

Hey Alpha Gurl!

I'm so happy & blessed that you're here! I have so much to thank you for. 

Allow me to introduce myself,  I'm Veronica. Founder of Alpha Gurl Attire. Living in sunny Orlando, Fl. Born in June 16 at beautiful Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. I'm a stay at home mom of two. Two toddlers, yikes! An almost 4 year old & a 1 year old. I have my husband, Jonathan, that I love with all my life. He's my partner & has been my rock in all my journey with Alpha Gurl Attire.

It's crazy to think with two tiny humans running around the house, I have concentration to work from home, maintain the house cleaned & organized. But let me go ahead & tell you, it's possible! I'm more passionate than ever!

During my teens I was always the rebel. The one that wanted to dress a certain way, a different way. I've always had passion about freedom. And I love staying active & exploring new things. I came up with Alpha Gurl on March 2020, I had just given birth, I was at home all day with my kids. I love my kids, but sometimes you lose yourself as an individual. I wanted to do something more. Something meaningful. Something I absolutely loved with all my heart. 

I created Alpha Gurl Attire with no experience at all. I worked my ass off. But I was fulfilled. I felt passionate. Alive. The response I got was overwhelming. A good overwhelming. 

Alpha Gurl turned out to be so much more than a simple clothing line. It's so much more than clothes. It's a make-believe land where there are no rules & anything's possible. It empowers women to be free, strong, confident while having fun along the way.  Alpha Gurl provides support, comfort & confidence.

Life’s too short to get all wrapped up in your own clothes! Alpha Gurl Attire makes getting ready easier than ever before. Bringing essential pieces that helps women like you, look & feel confident & stylish without wasting their days stressing about what to wear.

Again, I'm so happy you're here! 

It was so nice to meet you! Never be afraid to say hi, I'm just a click away!

With love, 


Now get out there & slay!





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Small biz love

Each order means the world to me. It's hope, it's love.

dreams do come true

Even the smallest order gets me one step closer to my dream.